Chapter II

"Master?" Maggie asked as she entered her boss' study. The room was a mess. Papers were skattered everywhere and books lay open on the ground and on the floor. Master had been doing some serious studying.

"What?!" A boy turned around and faced the girl, but after seeing her strucken face, pulled his frown into a smile. "Ahh . . . my dear Maggie, what have you come to me to ask? You know you can do anything, you don't need my permission."

Maggied nodded and opened her mouth to speak, "Yes, I do know. It's just that . . . We have a visitor."

"A visitor?" Master raised his eyebrows in question. Not once had he ever had a visitor. Who would want to visit the old brick buildings anyways?

"Yes, sir."

"Who is it?" He shook his head, trying desperately to look calm in front of Maggie, but inside his mind was screaming 'DANGER!'. If Maggie saw through his mask, his plan would not go as planned.

"I do not know. But ya'll better answer, he's getting angry." Maggie sped out the door and zipped down the hall to the front as Master followed.

The End

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