In the Small Town of Guthrie . . .

In the small town of Guthrie, Oklahoma , Maggie thinks that all the residents were nice. But when she is tossed into the back of a black chevy, she desperately wishes she had some sense and had listened to the 'don't talk to strangers' rule.

The cool breeze whipped at Maggie's face and lifted her blonde hair off her shoulders, making her shiver. I should have brought a jacket, she thought as she hugged her body. Oh please Abby, please hurry up.

As if answering her plead, a car pulled up, it was a black Chevy, with tinted windows. Maggie wondered why little Abigail would need the windows dark, after all, nothing bad could happen in the small town of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

But as the car shuddered to a stop, Maggie realized that she hadn't seen the Chevy at Abby's house when she had gone last Monday. The driver's door opened to reveal a man wearing all black.

Curiously, she walked closer to get a better look at the stranger. Maggie figured the boy was young, maybe only a year younger than her, so . . . seventeen?. He had hair as black as night and eyes the same color.

The boy got out and stutted towards her. She fell back as he grabbed her shoulders and tossed her in the car.

Oh no . . . Maggie sighed and scolded herself for thinking that all Okie's were nice. Apparently not.

The End

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