Mako; My kind of townMature

A collection of short story in the shadowrun universe. The narrators eventually join up as one team.
Mako; Ork Adept and hitman.
Kalia; Elf Raven Shaman and university student.
Hawke; Decker/Rigger and smuggler.
Sam B; Street Samurai, mercenary and bounty hunter.

November 11th, 2075, 1:06Am, Seattle.

Now, minus fifty minutes; I come home from a run, tiny bits of Jarred and Lyla still painting the sides of my coat. Nobody shot me a glance as I passed through the worse tunnels the ork underground has to offer, better stay away from the tourist section.

My guns, my coat, my mask, my smartlink goggles all fall down upon the plascrete floor of the apartment. A milk run they said... It's never a milk run. We should've turned it down, but we were short on cash. All goes well until a fragging chrome out troll with a pack of hellhounds pop out, the former brandishing a Krime Cannon at us.

It wasn't pretty...

Mr. Johnson hadn't seem surprised when only two of us came back, missing a halfer and a pixie. With twice the expected amount of jing and his unders full of drek, Kal wants out. Now it's only me...

He's scared. But I know a good way to chill down, a shower, a cup of soykaf and a load of Zen. I take the inhalator with both hands and breathe it in, letting it fill my lungs and cloud my brain. It's been almost an hour, yet it feels like it's still going on... Am I still home or down in the market? I plug my ears full of hundred years old rock and walk out, letting the rush of the drug carry me like wind in my sails.

The last hour all feels like it's happening simultaneously, the goblin market like usual is bursting full of activity, the dead of the night doesn't seem to hold it back. It's probably helped by the downpour outside, say what you want about the ventilation at least it's dry down here...

I walk for a while, guided by the beat of long dead musicians, the groove of their guitar rippling the world that I perceive. I let it guide my feet until the cold rain hits me like a sledge hammer to the torso. I pull up my hood and continue walking, without a destination, I'm going to come back down in a few, better not worry about it yet...

It doesn't take long before my meditative walk gets interrupted by the reality of life; a pained squeal reach my ears as the music takes a break between tracks, then another, almost drowned out by the rain. Coming from an alley a few steps away from me, which I stumble into.

Contrasting against the dark and muddy masonry of the buildings are five breeders with weapon, the youngest of which holding a knife dripping with blood and standing over a troll teenager, with another, a younger girl standing back, paralyzed by fear.

"Shit! We've got a new piece of drek for the show." One of them said, pointing a roomsweeper at me. "Hurry the fuck up with that one, Jim."

The one with the knife took another panicked stab at the troll, while the others stared me down. "Why don't you go on your way, chummer, you don't want to be full of holes for some troll trash right?" 

"Any other night, I would've just wrung your necks, but I'm not in that kind of mood. Why don't you leave with your limbs intact?" I asked, unplugging the buds from my ears.

"Bold talk for someone without a gun, don't say we didn't warn--" 

He didn't finish his sentence as with one rapid movement I broke his arm holding the gun, the elbow bending at a sick angle, the bone poking out. His hand dropped the shotgun-pistol and I grabbed it, using the gun as a meat shield as he shrieked in pain. The others hadn't yet gotten over the initial surprise that one of them ate a buckshot point blank in the face, his brains splattering all over the adjacent building.

Surprised turned to shock and horror rather quickly they hadn't expected to be fighting someone with speed faster than (meta)humanly possible. To their credit, people didn't exactly but into adepts often...

The remaining two nervously aimed their pistols at me, as the one in my arms tried to break free, kicking and screaming. I aimed at the next one and an uneasy tension passed between all of us. The one with the knife was down on his knee, too frightened to act.

"Please... Let me go... I'll never do this again... I swear..." The one with the broken arm whines, making his comrades react, they flashed an expression of disgust, not just at me but also at him. Their arms tensed and I could see in slow motion the movements of muscles against the trigger. 

The one on the left was hit by my own fire, the spasm from the hit making his arm twitch and his revolver empty it's cannon at the ground next to me. Thee other however still managed to spread burst fire with his beretta and me. Mr. Broken arm caught most of the bullets, but one of them grazed my chin, leaving a burning and bleeding cut. 

The pain and the smell of blood rose the power from within me and I gave in, the totemic force of shark overcame my senses, I dropped the shield and gun and leaped at the man, with one swing of qi infused hands, I ripped a large chuck of flesh from him and then another and another...

I started calming down only when little was left of him, and I was drenched in blood from head to toe. I slowly stood back up and approached the last human still alive. A closer look at him told me all I needed to know, he was just some teenager, probably sixteen years of age and he was scarred to death. He begged me for a moment and I turned toward the injured troll.

"He's still alive." I noted before turning toward the kid, taking the knife he'd dropped from the ground. "But he's not going to make it if he doesn't reach a hospital..." I pushed the tip of the knife against his cheek, making a tiny cut upon it, letting a stream of blood flow down. "I could kill you in retribution... Or I could help the kid." I declared, grabbing his hand, I slipped a credstick in it. "There's a clinic three streets away up the hill, you'll see the neon sign easily. If you can drag him there, you can keep on living, I on the other hand, need to get off the streets..."

I grabbed his commlink from his jacket and gave him one last warning. "Better not try to just run away, I'll know how to find you..."

I walked back out the the alley, as the teen grabbed the troll, helping him stand up with the aid of the girl and started walking toward the clinic. I let the cold shower pour down on me for a moment before starting my search for a clothing distributing machine...

I took a deep breath, as polluted as the air was, I still felt like the most refreshing thing in the world after the frenzy of an adrenaline rush. 

I love seattle... No matter how dark it gets, it's always interesting.

The End

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