The Villains' Shadows Are Darker Still

“Open the vault or lose your thumbs.”

That was George for you. Other criminals would threaten to start with the left pinkie and then progress from there; but people don’t value their pinkies, they mull it over for a second or two before realizing that yes, they really ought to do what the man with the gun says. Not George - he knew every second counted, so he went straight for the opposables.

“I don’t… don’t have the key to the v-v-v-v-v…” the teller stammered. I rolled my eyes but kept my ray gun on the patrons cowering on the floor. The idiot had probably soiled himself behind the counter and now I was going to get stuck escorting him to the vault in all his nostril-burning glory.

“Then wouldn’t it be a good idea to go get them?” George snarled into his face, then raised a single eyebrow and cocked his head to the side. “Or do you not want to be able to play catch with your son?”

Yeah, the teller had a son - George had made me research all the of the branch employees: their names, families, hobbies, everything. He was a very thorough fellow.

Not to mention mind-bendingly handsome. But I digress.

The teller nodded rapidly, like a puppet who was being controlled by a man going through alcohol withdrawal, and started for the branch manager’s office.

“Not so fast Dean Richardson,” George told him and the man blanched. Only his first name was displayed on his shiny little name tag. “Lucy, go with him.”

“You got it boss,” I said with my best smile but he just turned away to look out the front door. Okay, so it wasn’t the most ideal time to be flirting, but he could have at least smiled back! Or… something. It’s not like I was hoping he’d strip off his skin tight outfit and take me right there on the floor of the bank. Or… something. Anyway. My smile wilted to a scowl as I approached Mr. Dean Richardson and put my ray gun up against his temple. “Let’s go Dean. You don’t want to keep Tanya waiting.”

If he hadn’t already soiled himself, mentioning his wife’s name sealed that deal. I pushed him a safe distance ahead of me and reluctantly followed him, stubbornly refusing to plug my nose.

“What are you doing?” The shout startled me and I glanced over my shoulder.

That’s when everything started to go wrong.

The End

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