In The Shadow of A Hero

Written in first-person, changing narrators each chapter. This is a story of super heroes, sidekicks, super villains and affection that is, thus far, unrequited. Crime, justice, super powers, the police and undertones of love are weaving a comic-book-like story. The main character is a super-woman's sidekick, overshadowed by both her and his predecessor. He struggles to deal with his unrequited affection towards her and the resentment he has for always getting an unfair share of the glory.

            At noon, the sun hanging in the center of the sky, we ate in the shelter of a modest café. It was a modest meal, nothing spectacular. At least it was somewhat healthy.

            She was sitting up straight near the window, back to the sun, casting a shadow over the table. She's tall, and intimidating, in her graceful way. I feel like I'm always in her shadow.

            That's when I made a move. It was foolish of me. I mean, she's ten years older than me and I'm still a senior in high school. My hand, brushing the hair out of her face, was caught in her titanic grip. She knew.

            "Ricky, what are you doing?"

            "You just... look prettier when your hair isn't in your face," I answered.

            "Are you hitting on me? Rick, I don't date sidekicks. As a rule. I'm flattered, but... no. Just, no."

            My face fell, and I looked down at my salad, idly forking the side of a crouton.

            I had forgotten. The press had forgotten too. They used to be The Daring Duo that saved the town again and again. And then he died. And she was alone, saving the city again and again. Alone. Had they had a thing for each other?

            I don't know how I forgot. Because I know the fans haven't forgotten. That's why I never get the girl. They always remember him. He was stronger. More handsome. He was her equal. And I'm just... a sidekick.

            That's when our belts vibrated, and she pulled out a twenty, placing it on the table for the waitress. We grabbed our wind-breakers and ran off to find a dark alley.

            The city was in trouble. The city needed us.

The End

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