The Deal


        The Ace Saloon 

   Pirate Kit Kat  dug her muzzle into her tanker of bear drinking. The golden alchol spilled down the black fur of her muzzles and onto her clothes. She then strechted one dirty paw out and grabbed a sauage of a plate. She then proceded to stuff that sauage into her mouth, chewing opened mouth. 

   The whole process was very nasty. How a lady of any kind could let theirselves eat like that was beyond Jack. Of course Jack was hungry to so he couldn't blame her though hungry could do strange things to people. 


   " You hungry?"  Kit Kat  tried to say around a mouthful of food , a piceace of meat fell out of her mouth and landed on her clothing. Not a pretty site at all. 

  Jack who had lost his appitie while watching Kit Kat eat just pushed his plate to her.  

   "No i'm good." Jack supperesed a shiver as the woman shoved more food in her mouth. She then let out a large burp and rubbed her muzzle with the back of her hand. 

 "Thanks for the meal." 

 "Yes now about the plan?" Jack asked turning the cat woman to the conversation they where having earlier. 

 "Oh yeah...that stupid plan."  Pirate Kit Kat used one of her sharp claws to pick her teeth. She stared at him with her huge cat eyes. Pirate Kit Kat was a Beast Man. Correction She was a Beast Woman. And woman were sly creatures. 

   Jack looked the Cat woman over.  Pirate Kit Kat had huge green cat eyes that popped against her black fur. She had two twin tails that she had curled around her paws. She wore only a dirty pair of trouser and soiled white shirt , black  black hair fell down her back in a tangled mess. Her muzzle was covered in sticky black fur. When she caught jack looking she smiled showing rows of yellow sharp teeth. 

"yes about that plan?"

"That foolish plan to save the humans? You do know that is the most stupidist things i've ever heard." She chuckled. "They deserve everything that comes there way. That is what they get for foolishly killing people." She then said a very fowl word Jack thought no lady should every say. 

 "Well...yes it may seem foolish to YOU but it would save alot of lives-"

"Save alot of lives?! Humans have killed thousands of worlds!!! Why save them when they had the chance to spare another races life!!" Kit Kat whispered angry. 

Jack sighed. "Ok so their not the perfect race but would it not be wrong to just leave them in the hands of the Galactic Federation? Those people aren't going to just make them slaves. They will wipe the humans out."

Kit Kat sneered. "Perfect."

Jack shook his head trying to get his point over. "Well what happens when the humans are gone? Who are they going to wipe out next? Beasts? Demons? The Galactic Federation isn't what it used to be not with Zork running it. The man is power hungry." 

Kit Kat paused thinking . "You have a point. But still it is a foolish plan. Your going to need alot of backup." 

Jack smiled nodding he was getting somewhere. "Yes that is where you and i come in. I will need your help finding people." 

Kit Kat glared at Jack. "What does an all powerful DEMON need with me?" 

Jack chuckled. "Yes i am a demon. But i wouldn't call myself all powerful. You see...i lack the funds to launch my plan and connections." 

Kit Kat nodded. "That is why i have to steal money for you. So why do you want to do this?"

Jack stiffed expecting the question. "My...wife was human." 

Kit Kat raised an eyebrow. "Was?""

"She died during an attack on one of the colonies." 

"I'm sorry for your loss."

"No problem...So do we have a deal?"

Kit Kat nodded. "We have a deal."




The End

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