She awoke to the frigid darkness of the desert night. She shivered and rubbed her arms.  She spoke aloud.

" 'S not s'posed to be cold in the desert. Thought it was hot."

No answer. She sighed.

"It's lonely out here." Silence. There was no wind. The first day she was in the desert, it was nice, peaceful. Not now. Now it was gloomy. 

"Beri. My name's Beriyame. In case I forget in this Tryb-forsaken place." Beri wrinkled her nose. 

"I'm thirsty." Her voice was rough from grit and unuse. Beri knelt and sipped water from the pool. 

"Food. I need food." The girl suddenly let out a laugh, like the crack of a whip. "I sound so primitive." She bubbled up in laughter, shrieking hysterically. "Primitive! Primitive! Primitive! What primitive would use the word 'primitive'? Ha!" When her giggles subsided, Beri wiped a hand across her cheek, wet with tears of merriment--or insanity? She was silent for a while. Then she cleared her throat. "Well, I do need food, and now." She hadn't eaten much since she'd been in the desert. Just what she could scavenge. 

Where to look? Would anything live in the water? Beri bent over the water, but it was too shadowy to see anything. She growled in frustration. Beri looked around, mentally marking any possible food source in her head. Pool. Tree. Great expanse of desert. Wait. Tree. "The tree! Of course! Pimm-palm!" Beri went over to the tree. She could barely make out the dark shapes of Pimmnuts. She licked her lips. Beri pushed on the tree to make it move. It didn't. She was too weak from not enough food. 

Perhaps she could climb it. Beri grasped on to the trunk with her hands and pulled herself up. It was hard work. The tree was smooth and she kept sliding partially down, but at least it was skinny, so she could wrap her arms around it. She slowly inched her way up. There. A Pimmnut was in reach. She slowly extended her arm to the Pimmnut, and she had it. Beri pulled it off and dropped it on the ground. She inched a little more up and pulled more Pimmnuts off. 

Then she slid down and surveyed her handiwork. Four medium-sized, round Pimmnuts. She held one aloft and smashed it down on a rock.  It split open, and inside was a jellyish substance, somewhat like jam. Pimmjuice. Beri scooped a handful out and ate it. It tasted delicious. She ate another handful and finished the rest of the Pimmnuts. 

Her stomach felt full for the first time in days.

"My lucky day," Beri declared aloud.

The End

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