She'd been waiting. Waiting all her life. Waiting for something to happen to her, like in all those books where you did nothing and everything happened to you, but you didn't want it to. She'd have loved that. She'd have wanted something to happen. But nothing did. 



Traits to be had by only a true lady. 

When she was young, she was too impatient. 

"Slow down! No running!"

"Get off that tree! It is unladylike!"

Oh, she'd heard it. From her mother, her father, her aunts, her uncles. 

She'd once snuck a cookie from the jar on the table when she was four. Crumbs were on her face, and she lied to her parents, afraid of the consequences. Lying was worse. She'd never forgotten her punishment, no supper for a week, to bed straightaway, a whipping. She'd never done it again. Since then, she'd been patient. Obedient. Waiting for someone to save her. She hated her life. She knew she was supposed to love and honor her parents, but she couldn't . They never showed her any love. Never hugged her, praised her. They were simply "Mother" and "Father" to her.

She ached for something more.

The End

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