Koray: Three

'Well I thought we could do something on the Apocolypse.'  My eyes widened.  'The whole end of the world thing is really interesting.'  Apart from the fact that we all die.  I managed to stop myself from saying it by biting my tounge, literally.

'I don't really know much about it to be honest,' I confessed.

'Well there are a lot of different theories as to how the world will end I was thinking we could...'  Her voice faded into the background as I thought about Sam.  I didn't know what to do.  I really liked him, I mean really really, but we'd been friends for years and I didn't want to ruin the relationship we already had.  'So what do you think?'  Ellen looked up expectently at me.

'It's a great idea.'  I lied through my teeth.  'So how do you suggest we get started?'  Ellen gave me a funny look.

'Well if we start by doing some background reasearch like I just said then we should be able to make a start on it.'  The bell went and I cleared away in doubel quick time.

'Well I'll do that and I'll see you later.'  I smiled and walked quickly over to Katy who was grinning smugly at me.  'Don't say anything or you may die.'  I said in a mock threatening tone.

'Oh don't worry I wasn't.'  The wo of us walked out the door arm in arm and headed for our next lesson.  'So how was it, working with Ellen?'

'It was OK, she's clever so I'm going to have to work to keep up.'  Katy snorted.  'What?'

'You always put yourself down, you are so clever.'  I felt my cheeks flushing.

'Well, we'll see.'

The End

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