Koray: Two

I sat next to Katy, my best friend at the back of the classroom chatting away.  Our supply teacher was writing something on the board.

'So how's it going with Sam?'  Katy leaned in, expecting some good gossip.

'Nothing is going on how many times do I have to tell you, we're just friends.'  I looked back at the front of the classroom.  The teacher was writing up pairs of names.

'Nothing?!  Come on, he worships you and you think he's cute, you should ask him out.'

'You know I always wait for the guy to make the first move-'

'Miss Cohan, quiet please.  Now unfortunately Mr Smith is unable to be here today but he has set you some work to do.  Now I believe that you are meant to be starting a project this term, am I right?'  The whole class nodded simaltaneously.  'Good because you're starting today.'  Everyone groaned.  'These are your partners,' he said pointing at the board, 'and I want you to sit together so you can decide what you will be doing your project on.'  Katy's hand shot up.  'Yes Miss Frank.'

'Sir, can we change partners?'

'No, Mr Smith has allocated you specially with your partner and his decision is final.  Now everyone pair up and begin.'  There was a rumble as people began moving.  I picked up my bag from the floor and rolled my eyes at Katy before moving towards the front of the class where my partner was sitting.

'Hey, it's Ellen right.'  I smiled warmly at her.  To be honest, I'd never said more than two words to her before and now we had to work together for the rest of the term.

'Yeah it is and you're Koray then.'  I nodded and sat down in the chair next to her.  There was an awkward silence as neither of us knew what to say.  I didn't have high hopes of us working well together.  'So what do you think we should do our project on?'

The End

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