Koray: Seven

I loved fire drills.  It meant I had a valid reason to run out of class before the teacher dismissed us.  Unfortunately it also meant we had to stand freezing our bums off in the cold and rain, but I could deal with that, the weather has never bothered me that much.

'Finally!  The end of the day,' Katy said, throwing her hands up in the air in excitement.  'Has he got back to you yet?'  I pulled out my mobile from my bag and turned it on.  The screen flashed, telling me I had one new message.

'I've got a message!'  Katy squealed, begging me to open it but a moving force colliding with me sent my phone flying.

'Sorry,' I heard someone mumble as I tried to regain my footing.  'I wasn't looking.'

'Don't worry,' I replied, 'it was just an acci-'  I stopped dead when I looked up and saw Ellen's face looking back at me.

'Well...' Ellen said after an awkward pause, 'I'll see you around.'  Her head went back down and she walked quickly away.  I watched her go, feeling like something wasn't right.

'Hello?  Anyone in there?'  Katy waved her hand wildly in front of my face.  'What does the message say?'  Taking my eyes away from where Ellen was disappearing down the corridor, I searched the floor for my phone, finding it up against the wall, a little scratched but still working.  Taking a breath in, I opened the message.

From: Sam

Hey Koray!

Hanging at yours sounds fun!  When do you want me to come over?

S x

'He put a kiss!'  Katy was almost in fits as I read the text out to her.  'That is so cute!'  I ignored her squeaks and began tapping at the keys.

To: Sam

Parents are going out at 6.30 so I'll see you around 7?


I was about to hit send then stopped.  'If he put a kiss on his text should I put one on mine?  Or will I seem too eager?'

'Of course not,' Katy insisted.  I nervously added a small kiss to the end of my message and pressed send.  'OK then, so now I've sorted out your love life, we're going to have to talk birthdays.'  I groaned inwardly.  I hated talking about the party Katy insisted on organising for my sixteenth birthday on Friday, only three days away.

'I really don't want a big fuss over it Katy, you know that.'

'Well it doesn't matter what you want.  You're the most popular girl in school and everyone is dying to come to the birthday party I've been handing out invites for.'

'You've already invited people!'  I stopped making Katy jerk to a halt beside me.

'It's only three days away, I have to be organised or no-one will be free.'  I decided it was going to be useless fighting her so walked on.  'Now my parents are going away for the weekend so we can have it at mine.'

'Won't your brother mind?'  Katy's older brother Henry was 19 and at home for the next week before heading off to university.

'He'll be out somewhere with his mates, which means we're going to have the house to ourselves!'  She clapped her hands excitedly and led me off towards the front of school, bombarding me with party ideas all the way.

The End

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