Next Patient Please!

Dr. Fraud hadn't had a vacation since the last fiasco and, his mind was tired.  He wasn't feeling sharp.  The conversations he'd had with Dr. Freud left him drained.

He decided to dump his whole drug cabinet.  He was after all a Dr. ... He didn't have hallucinations.  He looked at his new timer, stupid thing... just a plain old egg timer.  He was going out tomorrow and find something flashy.. sure missed the flusher.

It had started raining by the time the last patient entered his office. 

He still wore the O2 mask.  And it reeked, Fraud could see black gunk inside of it and it made him gag.  Cracking the window a little, he sat behind his desk, the cool brisk air stung his face, but, it pushed the foul smell in the opposite direction.

Bobby sat oblivious.. as if his olfactory system wasn't working.. 

"Bobby, is the mask comfortable?"  Bobby looked at Fraud, he raised the mask and said yes.  Said he was very happy cause,, the air couldn't get in at all..  Fraud watched in disgust as some of the slime fell from the mask onto Bobbys' shirt.

He didn't want to deal with this, his stomach was turning, his mouth filled with the first signs of vomit, his nose began to run.. Fraud stood.. clamping his hands over his mouth, he bolted from the office, leaving Bobby alone...

Next Patient Please!

The End

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