The Removing of the Mask

As soon as Bobby entered his office, Fraud set the timer.  He didn't want to spend any more time with him than he had to. However, the Freud mask had to go.

Bobby still wore the mask, Fraud figured he'd worn it all night. 

Fraud positioned himself right in front of Bobby,  placed his hand on Bobbys' thigh and began to speak.  "I would like to give you something, something I think will help you." 

Bobby squirmed under the pressure of Frauds' hand, then he turned away.  Fraud removed his hand and reached over to the drawer in his desk.  He rummaged around for a moment and pulled out the little mask. 

"This is for you, it's lighter and lets in just a little fresh air, which you need to keep you well."

Bobby took the clear plastic mask from Fraud, it had a piece of metal across the nose and,  it only fit over the nose and mouth.

Bobby hesitated and Fraud thought he was going to object so, he rushed in to convince him.  "It only lets a little air in and, it is fresh air."

Slowly Bobby removed the mask, Fraud felt triumphant, he felt free of the accusatory glance of Freud.

The timer, just in the nick of time, Bobby placed the clear O2 mask on his face, he seemed pleased and remarked, the smell was like play dough..  He actually smiled, took a big snif and left Frauds' office.

This day, he had accomplished his mission, the removal of that horrid mask.  He looked at it laying on the floor.  Bending over to pick it up, he laughed, then he heard "What do you laugh at Fraud?"  There was a lump in his throat as he threw the mask down...

Next Patient please!

The End

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