The Mask

Fraud tried his best to take control of the situation but, Bobby refused to relinquish the mask.  He sat there on Frauds' couch and glared at him.

Fraud began to ask Bobby more questions..  "Is the mask keeping the air out Bobby?"  Bobby shifted a little, he turned his head one way and then the other as if testing the air.  Fraud continued,  "does the mask make you feel safe?"    Bobby shook his head yes.

Now Fraud felt he was getting somewhere, he had to take control from Bobby or Freud.  He reached over and set the timer.  He didn't subtract any time though, he set it for 60 minutes.

He made a cathedral with his fingers in front of his face.  He sat in the pose, he imagined Freud would sit in if he'd been there.  Bobby shifted and turned his head back and forth.

Dr. Fraud leaned forward, "Bobby, tell me what the mask is doing for you?"  The answer was long in coming, Bobby took two very deep breaths.. "The air is having trouble getting to my nose, it's not just going through my nostrils at will, it, it has to almost ask my permission."

Fraud made a decision.. "Bobby, I think the mask is good for you."  He knew this was wrong, a patient was never encouraged to entertain a hallucination or illusion, or use any artifical means to help himself.  Except of course medication.

Bobby turned his head towards Fraud, he laughed and told Fraud, "You see, I told you, this real Dr. would help."

The timer went off, none too soon, Fraud ushered Bobby out the door, that mask upset him more than he cared to admit.  He set up another appointment with Bobby for the next day.  He had to make him remove that mask!

Next Patient Please..

The End

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