Dr. Fraud returns home

His first act upon returning was the firing of his secretary.  The only good thing that had come from his holiday was the capture and incarceration of Bethany.
God she had been crazy as a loon.  The police had taken his notes apart.  He had been questioned for hours.
He had tried to make them understand she was his patient, there was a Dr., Patient privilege.  His ethics were being torn apart, they had threatened to lock him up if he didn't cooperate.
The hell with her, he cooperated afterall, they weren't in the states and, who would know?
When the Dr. returned, he stayed at a hotel for about three days, he just needed that time, that anonimity.  There would be time enough to get back to the bump and grind.  On the third day before he left his room, he called the agency and asked that they send him a temporary secretary.  He told them to make sure they sent him someone that knew of two words, OBEDIENCE and DISCRETION..  Oh and someone not too old.
He walked into his office, set down his plumber clock, raised the blinds.  What would this day bring?  He pushed the button on the phone to let the temp know he was in.
The voice that replied "yes Dr.", surprised him.. it was male.

The End

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