A surprise!

"Bethany!  What on earth are you doing here?"  Dr. Fraud's hands instinctively leapt to cover his nipples.

"It's time for my appointment, Doctor.  And the voices were very insistent that I should see you tonight.  They were mewing away for much longer than usual."  Bethany pushed past him and looked around the hotel room.  She appeared puzzled, her forehead would have creased into a frown if the Botox had allowed it.  "Where should I sit, Doctor?  You seem to have... redecorated."

"Bethany!  I am on holiday, I am not seeing patients.  How did you even find me?"

"Your secretary told me, Doctor."  Bethany sat down on the couch and then sprawled langorously along it.

Dr. Fraud made a mental note to sack his secretary and notify the agency that he'd need a temp for when he came back.

"Look Bethany, you have to leave.  It is... unseemly for you to be in this room with me.  I am not attired in suitable business dress!"

"Nor am I Doctor," said Bethany drowsily.  "But that's quite alright.  I know I can trust a man in a mankini.  I do like the sequins, by the way."

Dr. Fraud blushed and ran into the dressing room, slamming the door behind him.  How could she follow him here!  And how dare his secretary give out his travel itinerary!  He looked down and saw that his hands were trembling even though they were still covering his nipples.  It felt rather pleasant actually.

NO!  He had to get dressed and get rid of her.  And he had better check that she'd not brought any more weapons with her -- he'd better do that first.

The door to the dressing room creaked as it opened a mere crack, and Dr. Fraud peered out.  Bethany had sat up on the couch and was pulling the stuffing out of a plush blue cushion.

"Bethany!" he called.  "Did you bring anything with you?  Anything... sharp, perhaps?"

"Oh no, Doctor, nothing like that."

Dr. Fraud relaxed and pushed the door shut.

"I brought you a package instead.  But... oh, I must have left it downstairs."

A dull boom echoed from somewhere far below in the hotel, and Dr. Fraud sank to the floor, leaning against the dressing room door and praying to dark Teutonic gods that Bethany hadn't really brought a bomb with her to see him.

The End

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