Next Patient Please

The laptop sat on his desk.  He timidly touched the little red scar on his forehead and grimaced. 
He was going to be late, his appointment was at 3pm it was already 2:45.  Aggrevation nibbled it's way into his psyche giving him a full blown migraine.  Trying to put the files away wasn't helping, each time he bent over, his head pounded like a jackhammer. 
The mid day dreams or hallucinations, whatever they were, were starting to interfere with his work.  It was time for him to seek help. 
Although there was nothing wrong with that, the information a psychiatrist was bombarded with daily could take it's toll, it was wearing him down. 
He wasn't able to analyze the dream, an angel that cussed like a sailor, was trying to kill him, frightened him beyond what any patient he'd ever encountered had.. There was no logic for it, at least he couldn't put it together.. physician heal thy self..
Leaving the office, he stopped at the water faucet to take the little blue pill.  The thought hit him like a rock.. the hallucinations had started when he'd started taking the little blue pills.  The world lifted from his shoulders from the thought of it.. The little blue pills.  He went into his office and pulled out the PDR.. There it was.  "Side effects": Stomach upset, headache, dry mouth, sexual overstimulation, dizziness and, in severe cases: migraines, trouble breathing, HALLUCINATIONS.  He cancelled the Dr. visit, buzzed his secretary and informed her that the Dr. was in. 

The End

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