Slippery when wet

Dr. Fraud was a bit tired of all the agravation of having all this  new patients to treat and when he looked at the sheet in front of him , he could see is patience flying out of the window.

In big red capitals letters he had inked in a scuba  diver that was concern about his fear of being constantly wet, one name stood up, Mr . Fisher .

Oh, he could tell this one was going to present a challenge were staying with a strait face was concern, his secretary buzzed him, saying his next patient had just arrived. Brazing himself and making sure he had enough paper and a sharp pencil he welcome mr. Fisher in.

" Good morning Doctor ." Wearing a scuba diving suite and holding a towel with him, he sat down, making sure the towel covered all of the seat in the chair. The showed signs of recent use if  judged by the water driping down.

Dr. Fraud normally had good advice to give to his patients when required upon and yet this case seemed too strange, why did he dressed in a suite that was clearly wet, if is fobia was exacly that ? So he decided to ask the obvious question facing them.

" Why are you wearing the suite, and why is it wet , mr .Fisher ?"

He look around the office first before he started to try and answer his question without seeming like a lunatic and yet the fact he was aleady here dressed in such clothes was in itself ridiculous. So he mite as well tell the truth.

" Well since  i realised i am one of the last survivors of the lost city Atlantis , and i thought i would not be able to survive without keeping myself wet at all times, that is where the suite cames in hand , but the only problem is this disgust i have of wet skin, hence why i am here."

With a shake of his head and a cough in order to hide the fact he had just murmour under his breath, Crazy . He then attemped to come up with some useful advice, if he could think of something ...

And then he tought why not try a little bit of honesty ? It may just do the ( pardon me for the pun ), trick.

" Mr . Fisher , you are not an atlantean, i am sorry to say you are as human as the rest of us, if not a bit more than others. And to prove my point i request of you only this, remove your suite, and breath in air, you will see for yourself . Or die trying ."

And he tought himself crazy, clearly this Dr. Fraud was too close to truth on his name, as he gets up , and goes strait for the door.

" No, thank you very much." And left the office.

Dr. Fraud started to smile to himself, well that was the last he was going to see of mr. fisher and then he noticed the towel left on the sofa. " Oh. no..."

The End

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