Next Patient Please!

When she walked in Dr. Fraud caught his breath.  The first thought that crossed his mind was,  she had escaped the bonds of heaven.  She was angelic, she stood at his desk, the light came through the window from behind her, her hair looked like soft down, the blond tendrils slightly moving in the breeze from the ceiling fan.  He looked at her hands, they were small but, somehow he knew their sized belied their strength.  He motioned for her to sit, he wasn't in a hurry to set the timer, she had captured his full attention.
"What I say to you will be strange to say the least, but, you must believe me.." 
Her voice was so soft, it was like listening to soothing music, Dr. Fraud settled back in his chair, the timer still hadn't been set.
"Dr. I suffer from hypervisionism"  Well there was a word he'd never ever heard.. He looked at her face and though he was reluctant to interrupt, he asked her to explain.   She rose from the chair and walked around to the front of his desk.   Her hands were hidden in the folds of her dress, he watched transfixed.
"Basically Dr., I have visions,  I know the future, I know the past, I have spoken to god, he instructs me.."  Dr. Fraud leaned over and set the timer for 35 minutes.  What had he expected, he shook the cob webs from his brain and became his real self.  "And when god talks to you, what does he say?"  She smiled slightly, turned in his direction and spoke, "Dr. don't, I am not stupid, as I said before, I have visions, I had a vision last night, about you."  He was taken aback for a moment.  "And what was this vision..?"  She turned full face to him..  "It was your death."  Dr. Fraud leaned back in his chair.  "Really.. did god tell you when this is supposed to take place?" 
She looked him in the eye.. "Yes, right now!"
Dr. Fraud stared at the little hand, it was holding his letter opener. 
The toilet swished..  Next Patient Please!

The End

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