Next Patient please!

Dr. Fraud set the minute on the plumber clock, the sound of it flushing gave him a satisfaction.  His secretary buzzed in the next patient. 
A short, rather rotund man walked in and plopped down on the couch.  This was different, he usually had to coax them.  Before he could speak the man started to cry.  Dr. Fraud slid the tissue box towards him and leaned back in his chair.  He quickly reached over and set the minutes on the plumber clock, he looked forward to the quick swish.
Well, the man had regained his composure.  Dr. Fraud asked his name.  In a shaky voice the man replied.. "I...I don't know."  Fraud placed his hands under his chin. 
"Someone, stole my name."  Dr. Fraud watched the mans' face, there was no deception, he actually believed someone stole his name.  "Tell me, what was the name they stole?"  The man thought, his lip began to quiver, tears rolled down his round face.. "They stole my memory too, not all of it but, I have never had a name."   The man went into his oration, from as far back as he could remember, what he could remember, he'd never had a name.  His mother and father had just called him son.  The kids at school called him "that boy" or "no name".
The toilet swished..  Dr. Fraud set the man up with another appointment the following week.

It was amazing, some people were not meant to have children and, Dr. Fraud felt these two should have been spayed and neutered, respectively.  As he replaced the file, he thought to himself, how can parents not give their child the basic things,  like... a name?

The End

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