Next patient, please!

Well, he'd needed a new chair, the thought of the broken timer didn't sit well though.
Oh he could get another one but, that one had been his protector, his savior, his right on time!
Dr. Fraud walked around the store, { Nelsons Novelties & things}.  He hoped [Things] meant another gong.  The shelves were lined with everything from  Blown Glass Dolphins to Talking Diaries.
And there it was, his new savior, his new protector, his right on time timer.
He picked it up and turned it over in his hands..  He had to smile, no he actually laughed out loud..
It was the statue of a plumber, there was a toilet in front of him, he had a snake running from his hands into the toilet bowl.  As the plumber pushed the snake into the bowl, it ticked off the minutes.  When it had gone all the way, it flushed!
He walked into the office feeling rather satisfied with himself, his secretary buzzed...  It was Joe!
Next Patient Please!

The End

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