The man who collects things

When he walked into the office, things started to fall out of his pockets.
A ping-pong ball, a mini stapler, dog bones, pencils, a myriad of paper clips, little scraps of paper with numbers on them.   He stared with eyes so wide, as if the little scraps of things were his life being exposed.  He fell down on his knees trying to scoop them up, the more he scooped, the more fell from his pocket.
Dr. Fraud just stared at him.  If he could just transport himself to another place, right now, right this second..  He placed his hands in his pocket and told the man it was ok,,  he could pick it up later.  The timer hadn't been set and he hadn't paid attention to how much time had passed.  He sighed as he reached over and turned it to 40 minutes.
The man had started to cry, Dr. Fraud snatched tissue from the box and handed it to him, instead of wiping his eyes and nose, he promptly stuck the tissue in his pocket with the other pieces of his existence. 
Dr. Fraud asked the man what the little pieces of things represented in his life..  The man turned the wide eyed stare on him and asked.. What things..
Dr. Fraud stared into space..  It was going to be one of those days.. The timer had moved, one minute..

The End

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