Next Patient Please!

He had thought back on her first visit everyday for the last week, waiting for her to come back for her next visit. He had made a connection with her.. For the first time in years he actually from the heart wanted to help the patient not just listen and get paid...He had really been taken back by her beauty. He knew that she had come to him for help. Her visit however had him on the edge of a new and innovative plan for the patients . He was still working all the details out .. He did not want his "applicants " to feel they weren't good enough to be seen by " The Dr.Fraud" but he didn't want to accept just anyone .. He had to word the questions carefully to bring out the best most interesting problems.. He wanted to be world renoun. In the middle of his thought he felt someone looking at him , he looked up. There she was just standing there looking so innocent and scared.. He stood up and said "HELLO Victoria"  she did not reply. She simply walked to the patients chair and sat down, and started telling him.. "I have seen her over and over this week.. I am afraid to look into a mirror" He said to her " do you think that she is a manifistation of your fear of having another child so late in life?" " No" she said.. I am not afraid of having this child.... I simply do not want it.. He looked at her and asked. And why is that ? She began to cry... I don't want this child because .. She looked at the floor no longer able to hold her gaze or her composure .. She began weeping uncontrollably.. Victoria why don't you want this child ?? Do you still love your husband? YES I love my husband.. with all my heart... He looked at her and asked "does this child belong to your husband? is that why you don't want it ?? Did you have an affair and are afraid its not his child?? She stood up and became very angery.. She placed both hands on his desk and began shouting at him.. NO I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR .... THIS CHILD BELONGS TO MY HUSBAND.. HOW DARE YOU ASK SUCH A QUESTION............He sat straight up in his chair.. His heart began to race.. He seen a look in her eye that was wild and untamed, He began to recover and Said to her "I am sorry if I have offended it you.." It is just the most obvious of reason for a married woman not to want a pregancy.. She slowly sat back down, Cleary worn out by the explosion. She looked back down at the floor and said more to herself than to him,," I don't want this child because I don't believe it is mine" .......Pardon me he said.. How can a child you are pregnant not be yours? she looked at him and said allmost to quiet to be heard... Because Dr. I don't remember having sex with my husband for at least 2 months prior to me becoming pregnant. He had leaned forward on his desk to hear her and what she had spoken could not be true..she began sobbing uncontrollably.. and against his better judgement he went to her .. He lifted her chin to look at him and with a lump in his throat he said we can get you through this.. He was trying to gain her confidence ,, He did not want to loose this patient.. He was right when he had thought how interesting her case was.. He knew now just from her statements so far and the look in her eyes when she had become so angry the woman that sat before him was not one but two.. and he would have to find a way to gain not just her confindence but the trust of the other that lived in her mind.. But before the thought could finish forming on how to do just that,,, the buzzer went off......... next patient please

The End

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