Next Patient Please!

Ahhh one that truly had his attention.  Was it her problem, or her beauty, didn't matter, for once he didn't watch the clock or wait for the gong.
She was scared but sexy, sad but sultry.  A complete contradiction if ever there had been one.  But, he couldn't enjoy it because now the analyzing started, he hated that!  
Was she crazy?  Was someone truly following her?  Or was it what he expected a simple problem of wanting to escape a humdrum existence?
And, as quickly as she caught his attention, she lost it.  His self centered analytical mind slipped the bonds of here and now.  He began to imagine other things.   A thought formed itself, why couldn't he have more patients like her?  Perhaps an application.. There could be requirements, yes.. requirements..  if they didn't meet them, then he just simply wouldn't take them on.  He was smiling to himself, the idea was great, the gong sounded.  It actually startled him, he realized for  the last thirty minutes or so, he hadn't heard a word she'd said.  He handed her a tissue and ushered her out the door.  The requirements had his attention now. His door flew open.. there was Joe.
Next Patient Please! 

The End

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