Next Patient Please!

When she walked in to my office for the first time, She was young and beautiful but the look in her eyes worried me.. I could see that what she had to say was going to change me!! She sat on the chair with a grace that I had never seen in all my years of practice and Looked  me in the eye and said I am not crazy yet what is happening to me is.. I simply nodded at her , to continue , she said "I am being followed " Well I said maybe you need to call the police.. and she said they can't help me .. you have to make them go away. Them?? I ask. She said well her... She Looks just like me except she dresses like a street walker.. and always has dark sunglasses on.. I looked at her and the look on her face told me that She was sincere. she truelly believed that  her own reflection was someone else.. I ask her have you ever seen a psychiatrist before ?? No I just started seening this woman a few months back when I became preganant with my 4th child I told my husband I wanted an abortion and that night when I was leaving the restroom I glanced out of the corner of my eye into the mirror and there she was.looking at me .. but when I turned to look at her she dissapeared.. and everytime I think of not wanting this child she appears in a mirror .I think it is my unborn child warning me not to have it.. that something bad is going to happen. I was so engrossed by her and her story I had lost track of time and just as I was going to ask her why she felt like this ...the timer went off ...............Next patient please

The End

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