Next patient, please!

Well, this day was going well,  a dog that liked his paws washed hmmm.. another addition to his notebook. 
He thought about the kid and how sad he was about his mother.  Maybe he had been a little crass, oh well.
He brought his attention back to the present.  What was it, yesss, Bobby didn't like air, he didn't like air, how can you not like air?
"See, I don't mind wind cause, I can feel it, you know, I can see what it does but, air.. It just sits there doing nothing, I don't like the idea that it is able to travel through my nostrils into my lungs, it makes me feel like I'm suffocating."   He looked at the timer, just another two minutes.
"Don't you still breathe when air enters your nostrils?"  He knew the man wouldn't have time to answer that question, he was glad.. The timer gonged.  "Bobby, I want you to think about the fact that you are still breathing even when air is going into your nose and lungs, ok.. think about that, practice breathing deep."
He ushered Bobby out of his office, turned on his heel and stepped into the outer office. 
There he was, Joe.. 
Next Patient Please!

The End

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