A traumatic experience

Dr. Fraud decided he was going to get to the bottom of Joes' problem.  He raised the locket, spun it and spoke soft and soothingly to Joe.
"Watch the locket, focus your attention on the spinning locket, watch it close, your eyes are starting to get very heavy, you hear nothing but the sound of my voice I am going to count backwards from 5, when I say the number 1, you will be fast asleep,  5..... 4..... 3...... 2....... 1.."
Joes' head fell forward, his chin resting on his chest. 
"Joe, listen, I am going to take you back in time to when you were a young boy, right now you are 5 yrs old, tell me what is going on..?
Dr. Fraud watched Joes' face..  There was pain and it almost made him afraid of what he might hear.   Joe began to cry, he began to shake, he was begging someone not to hurt him. 
Fraud thought about ending the session but now, he had to know.  "Joe, listen to my voice Joe, nothing and no one can hurt you, you hear me Joe, listen to my voice, remove yourself, it's not you, tell me what is happening.."
Joe became quiet, then he grimaced..  He went on to tell Dr. Fraud that he was there with his sisters, mom and his dad, they were all in the pool, he was having a good time but then the water monster touched his ankle.  Dr. Fraud asked Joe if he could see the water monster..  Joe said no, but, it appeared everytime his dad jumped into the pool..  He said the water monster always threw water in his eyes.
It was all he could do not to laugh..  It was time to end the session for the day, the toilet had just flushed..

The End

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