Next patient!

" Doctor, do you know why I came to see you?" Vivian asked

Dr. Fraud barely looked up from his notebook to see Vivian slowly lounge on the couch like a contented cat, purring and all. He pretended to type in his notebook. His notebook was busy updating it's eharmony profile. So far it was a 45 gay man named Patty who had penchant for popsicle sticks... Fraud sighed pressed the restart button.

" Because your husband said he'd divorce you if you didn't" Dr. Fraud looked up to see Vivian widen the collar of her red blouse. She had the nerve to look surprised at where his eyes where looking.

" That's why I came but do you know why I keep coming?" Vivian said coyly

Dr. Fraud didn't dare ask. He just raised an eye brow. He could only imagine what she would say. Vivian was a Thirty nine year old Nemphomanic. She said she was old enough now to get any man she wanted. Unfortunately she wanted everyman. She certainly was attractive enough. In a dirty snow white kind of way...

" Vivian your to old to be acting like a school girl" Fraud scolded

" But I so do like being schooled" Vivan cooed

Fraud sighed and looked at his timer, twenty minutes. Then he could open up the windows and spray down the couch. Sometimes Vivian didn't wear underwear.

" Vivan how's your relationship with your father?"

Vivan sat up startled. She bit her lip indecisively. Then shrugged her shoulders.

"  Is that why you cheat on your husband? Are you looking for your daddy?"

Vivan started laughing and started uncrossing her legs. She was wearing underwear today. She leaned in pretenting to be interested all while she ploted the escape of her bountiful bossum. Fraud rolled his eyes and looked at his timer.

" Doctor, I wasn't cheating. It's not cheating if it just happens. It's just a miny accident"

Fraud raised both his eyebrows. He was astounded by her logic. Vivian responded by winking at him. Vivan had three sessions and had not expalined the reason to her promiscous tales. She told him about her son's couch, Her husbands lawyer,Her lawyer, The mail man, The wal mart stock boy, The woman at the dmv...She seemed proud to be sloppy seconds or fifteenth's??? But this was the first time she was defensive. Maybe she was finally seeing...Maybe he was finally helping someone. Dr. Freud was getting a little gitty.

" What about the cable guy last week?"

" I was drunk it doesn't count if your drunk"

" At ten in the morning?"

" It was the weekend' Vivan said defensively

And just like that his hope crashed...

" Vivian before our next visit you need to sleep with your father. Get this out of your system" Dr. Freud said matter of factly.

Vivan's jaw dropped. She crossed her legs and sat up and crossed her arms.

" That is the sickest thing I've ever heard" Vivan said gritting her teeth and looked away.

" Vivan, don't play innocent now" Fraud said clicking his tongue

The timer beeped.

" Oh look times up" Freud said

Vivan glared at him and said " Can't you just give me some meds or something?"

Fraud clicked his tongue again " Still stuck in the oral phase I see... "

Vivan looked like she wanted to say something, but he helped her up and quicky ushered her out. 

" We'll have plenty of time to talk about it in our next session"  Fraud said

He could only guess what she was about to say. He had enough of her antics today. He closed the door and then blissfully  doused the leather couch in all purpose cleaner. As his notebook planned it's first date...

The End

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