The man afraid of his own shadow

"It's following me, Doc."

"Hm? Oh, er, yes..." Dr. Fraud glanced up from his Notebook, which was now informing him that it would have to restart six times before it would display the letter T. The wide-eyed man had leaned closer to him and was whispering conspiratorially as well as invading Dr. Fraud's personal space. "What's following you?"

"It is following me, Doc. Everywhere I go, I turn around and there it is. Don't look now, but it's behind me at this very moment!" The current patient was middle aged, with a lack of hair on his head and most likely a surplus of it everywhere else. He had a mouse-like look, which was inconvenient considering that Dr. Fraud's next patient had an extreme fear of rodents. He also had bad breath, a fact which the psychiatrist would rather not be aware of.

"Um... please explain," replied Dr. Fraud, glancing nervously at the Father Time egg timer. Still forty minutes left. He'd need to make sure the patient drew this one out.

"Well, it... it's black.  And I don't mean racially. It's pitch black, Doc, and it's following me!" Now his eyes were bulging from their sockets. Dr. Fraud backed up a few inches.

"Yes. You've established that already. You wouldn't be referring to your shadow, would y--"

"Don't say its name, Doc! It knows!"

"So you are," replied Dr. Fraud, unconcerned. On the Notebook, Clippy was now in his more unpleasant personality and was dancing around the screen. "Look, there's actually a well-known metaphor that goes 'afraid of your own shadow.' I'm not entirely sure, but I think it may mean 'forget it and don't see a shrink.'"

The paranoid man tilted his head like a confused parakeet. "Is that so, Doc? But... it's still following me."

"Yes it is, sir. Yes it is. If you avoid this building, however, I think it will eventually stop."

"Oh..." The man frowned, evidently never having heard said metaphor before. "But--"

"You've no time to waste!"

"R-Right!" Before Clippy could polka back down to his spot in the lower right-hand corner, the man and his shadow had jogged out the door.

And still thirty minutes left. "Oh, I am good..." sighed Dr. Fraud.

The End

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