The Author Who Feared Words

"He slipped into the room like smoke through a chink, pausing before his psychiatrist's desk to watch him plaintively," the next patient muttered to himself.

Dr. Fraud frowned, glanced up to see the man wobbling his lip at him. "Hello, Felix."

He thumped the top of his new Hulk timer to set it going. He rather liked this new one, actually. When a patient's time was up the green man's head would erupt back out of its shoulders and a voice from its base would growl, 'You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.' It made Dr. Fraud giggle. He needed a laugh now and again.

"Felix sighed, gathering up his courage to say: It's getting worse, Doctor." 

"Ah," Dr. Fraud nodded, sagely, opening a new program on his notebook. "Still narrating, are we?"

"He said with an air of detached hopelessness," he cut in.

A debonair eyebrow arched. "I wouldn't go so far as to say that, Felix. We are making progress." He glanced over some miraculously recovered notes. "You've been doing those excercises I told you about?"

"Felix heroically threw himself upon the chair. He contemplated the ceiling, vaguely wondering why there were large gaps in the plaster." He paused, straightened, still not quite meeting Dr. Fraud's eye. "He paused, straightened. Yes, he answered, I've been trying."

"Okay. Why don't you show me how you try, Felix." 

"Fraud studied him, twisting a pencil through his fingers. He didn't have much hope."

Actually, he'd been trying to do that rubber pencil magic trick thing. He flushed and dropped it. The tip shut down a window that otherwise would have launched yet another virus through his notebook, infected the entire building, and eventually the city and country, launching massive blackouts and mob hysteria.

"The excercises say I have to try to write all these thoughts down, he said despodently. Felix curled up, clutching his knees. But I can't," he hissed, rocking gently.

"You say you can't. But could it be you just don't want to?" Fraud smiled kindly.

"Of course I don't want to! Felix screeched, leaping up, eyes crazed!"

Dr. Fraud slid back in his chair, wheels skittering across the plastic liner. "Felix? Er. Tell me about it?"

"He practically cried. His hands were up, clutching the recently discarded pencil should he have to defend himself. Dr. Fraud smiled nervously. Felix crumpled again on the couch," he whimpered, going fetal.

Dr. Fraud edged to his Hulk timer. If he could just jog it, the thing was so delicate it'd -

"And that's not all, Doctor, he moaned. It's to do with my narrating. See, I'm saying this now, but when I stop, he shivered, I'll have to say I stopped. He paused, quivering. Only you see I didn't. So my problem is, if I write it all down it'll all be like this, he said, he said, he repeated, he whimpered, he said, he sa-" 

The green man growled, "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

The End

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