Next patient, please!

It was getting worse by the day.  Headache after headache.  Time ticked by so slowly, the patients were getting more and more bizarre.  a plumber that was afraid of water, a mewing clock and, of course it didn't say nice things, nooo, it said for her to kill him.
He swiped at his brow, stared out the window and wondered was it really beneficial to continue..
They were looking for answers.  What answers were there to stuff that made no sense.  What, had there been some traumatic experience in Joes life that would cause him such fear of water?  Still, why would he decide to become a plumber?  None of it made any sense at all.
He breathed in deep, shut his eyes and imagined himself in a distant place.  A place where he was inconspicuous, insignificant, invisible.
The phone buzzed, he opened his eyes, came back to the present. Sighed and sat behind the desk.  He pushed the button announcing to his secretary he was ready.

The End

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