A rat for every day of the month

I, Dr. Fraud, sit and watch my twitching patient. This one has always been a tricky person to get through to. Last week he had told me that he was certain that frogs were following him everywhere, so now I sit here wondering what he has been stalked by now.

"Jonathan?" I say in my professional, silky voice. "What has been bothering you?"

Jonathan jerks his head in my direction and his eyebrow twitches uncomfortably. "I see them doc."

"See what, Jonathan?"

"The rats."

Silence follows his confession and I draw in my breathe, remember, he is only here for an hour. "The rats?"

"Yes doc," he looks around the room, as if suspecting me of holding him against his will in a place were the "rats" could get him.

I nod and start writing down what I have acknowleged today and let Jonathan continue.

"They are everywhere, multiplying as the days continue! One of them talked to me last night, by that time there were already five of them together."

"A rat talked to you?"


"How did that make you feel, knowing that a rat was talking to you?"

"What do you expect doc? I nearly thought I was going bonkers, but then I thought, hey, at least frogs aren't stalking me anymore so it is perfectly fine for rats to talk."

He says this all in one breathe and I watch him regain his watchful eye over my office.

"Okay," I say quietly. "What did these rats say to you?"

"Not these rats, the ONE rat. The Mufasa of the pack, the big man, the Godfather, the--"

"Yes, yes," I say. "The leader rat."

Jonathan nods multiple times at a ridiculous speed and he nervously scratches his arm. "Yes, the leader, leader..."

"Yes, what did he say?"

"Scary," Jonathan muttered and stared at me. "Scary things."


"The world will be taken over by rats."

I write on my clipboard and suddenly stop as Jonathan says in a very strange, low, husky voice. "For every day of the month there will be a rat-- a rat for every day of the month. Scary."

I nod and listen to the timer go off.

"Okay Jonathan, I will see you again next week."

"Please warn all about the rats!"

"Okay Jonathan, I will."

With a silent click, the door to my office closes and I prepare myself for the next patient.

The End

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