In The Night (Short Story)

This is my first story. It is about a girl, Jane, who is struggling to look for her real parents and stay in hiding while the foster home she lives in is trying to find her. Incognito, she finds a boy: Eli. Eli is the same age as Jane(about 16), who tries to get her to fall in love with her. *This is only one scene for the upcoming book.

~Short Story~ (Excerpt)

     Eli took her hand as she tried to run away again.

    "Why do you keep running? What's your story?" asked Eli, sincerely.

     Jane looked at Eli as a tear fell from her delicate eyes. She sat on the balcony, waiting for him to leave. When she realized he was there to stay, she decided to tell him the story.

     "It all started when I moved here. I have been trying to look for my parents. The foster home had moved and I had to come with them. New people ran the home. They could never manage any of us kids. All they did was push us around. Then came the day when one of the managers pushed me at the top of the stairs. I was devastated, dismayed. After that one moment it lead to them pushing us all around. Hitting us in the face, skipping our meals, and not treating us right. I vowed from that day forward that I would look for my parents and end all the chaos."

      Without thinking, Eli kissed Jane on the cheek. Eli paused for a moment. Realizing that what he did was much too soon. Jane's honey face had gone pale. She sat for a moment, deep in thought. Then, without any notice, she got up and ran away until she reached the next home where her parents could be living.

~To Be Continued~

The End

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