In the mourning

Chapter 1

I was too young to understand what was happening. In just one day I had lost everything that I had ever cared about. Now, I sat in the back of an unkown vechicle with an unkown person taking me away. They told me words that meant nothing to me as of then, and did some things that wasn't too thrilled about. They explained to me that I was moving away, away from what I never understood either.

I was three then.

I am fifteen now, and when I try to ask them anything about my past, they would get anxious, angry, and sometimes upset. It was as if I had just burned them or did something of that matter. They didn't like me playing with candles, even if it were to just light them up like they asked. They were really confusing people. The ones that I live with now. They will tell me to do something, change their minds once, then tell me to do it once more. It was like they were questioning what is 'safe'.  Like the day I wanted to try out for softball, they said it wasn't safe and not to, but on the day of the try outs, they said I could.

I sometimes wonder what I had done in the past to deserve this. I mean, I knew I was adopted, but it didn't mean they had to be over protective, if you can even call it that now.


I looked at Mrs.Trina, who was staring curiously at me.


"The anwser to number three please.'

Before I could answer the bell rang, signifying the end of the day and the beginning of the spring break. Mrs. Trina was saying something about the homework we had to do and with a grunt she gave up and said have a nice break.

I walked out to the front of the school, with the rest of the car riders and got into the GMC that waited there. I slid into the back and as the car took off, I began to talk about my day to Mrs.Portoff.

"Well it sounds like a fun day." She commented happily.

"Eh, it could've been better, if it wasn't for tracey picking on me." I said.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mrs. Portoff give a tiny smile and a sigh.

"Your going to your aunts house over the break are you excited?"

I rolled my eyes and muttered a not so heart felt "Oh joy."

Mrs.Portoff laughed as we went down the feild covered roads.

"She isn't that bad, is she? I mean I thought, growing up, she was awesome.""

"Mrs.P, she wasn't an old hag back then, she isn't even worth me seeing her, all she does is sit there and sleep. I mean I could be killed and she wouldn't notice it! she is that hard to wake up."

Mrs.Portoff mad a pfft sound and said "Well, times change and so don't people, Auntie Jone has always been a heavy sleeper, that is probably the only thing that won't change about her."

The GMC rolled into the drive way, showing off the victorian style home.

"Get your things packed, you'll be leaving tommorow."

I groaned as I got out and went into the house where Mr.Portoff just so happened to be.

"You tell her?" He asked as I went up the stairs into the bedroom.

"I sure did, and she isn't liking it."

The rest of the conversation was unheard of as I began to pack the things, making sure I had everything that I was going to need. If I am spening my break with Auntie Jone, I am making sure I am not going to die of boredom.


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The End

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