In the Mirror.Mature

What happens when you glimpse your reflection?

I gazed upon the beast as he was feasting.
Beneath his dripping hands I could see creamy ivory skin.
Flowing, copper hair framing a face with eyes the darkest chocolate brown.
Her dress had been torn from her body and lay in tatters beneath her.
Yellow. Her dress was yellow, with tiny embroidered flowers along the neckline.

 He’d gutted her, from the hollow of her neck to her belly.
Skin torn and ragged. Dark purple and red exploding across that creamy smooth canvasMy attention was riveted by a trickle of a single blood drop as it fell from her nipple. It seemed as though an eternity passed in the time it took for the drop to round the swell of her breast and course down her side to land at last upon the floor.

Holding my breath in case the beast should hear me. I watched in horror as he plunged his hands into her chest, pushing upwards as though he were gently stroking her. He lowered his nose then and I could see him inhale deeply as his eyes narrowed in what looked like satisfaction. He turned his head slightly and rubbed the tip of his nose along one breast, it moved a little from the weight of his nose and I saw him kiss her.

 A whimper escaped from him then as he began lapping at the blood, his tongue making long slow strokes that tugged at the skin beneath it. This image brought to mind that of a cat cleaning itself. I was motionless, caught. He was right in front of me. If I moved, even an inch I’m sure he would kill me too. After he had gleaned the blood from her chest, I watched as he straddled her.

I gasped aloud. I couldn’t help it. It was too much.
He heard me. His head whipped up and our eyes locked.
For a long moment nothing moved, nothing breathed.
He sprang towards me.
I screamed, I’m sure I screamed as if the hounds of hell were upon me. But instead of my own screams, all I could hear were the primitive guttural cries of the hunter who had cornered his prey.

Reaching out to me I could see his hands, slick with blood and curled into talons that would tear me to shreds as well. As he got closer I could smell his fetid breath and in his maw that was open wide, small pieces of flesh that were not yet swallowed.The last thing I saw were his eyes, emerald green, dark and sinister, coming towards me through what seemed to be smoke.

A collision, our bodies thrown together, it felt like an explosion. The pain so intense, it felt as though I were being sliced open by a thousand shards of glass. Thankfully the blow to my head knocked me out.



“What do you think, John? This one gonna make the front page?”

 John grabbed the new guy Mike by the arm and pulled him back roughly. ‘Fuckin’ rookies.’ he thought. “Watch it Mike, you don’t want to disrupt the glass or the bodies before the ME can take their pictures.”  Stumbling back Mike grumbled something unintelligible.

“I beg your pardon? I didn’t quite catch that” John said. Mike glanced up at the older cop, he looked tired, you could see in the lines around his eyes that the job had worn him down.

“I was asking why someone would do this, and Im glad, even if its’ plain ol’ dumb luck that he killed himself in the process. Now we dont have to try and find him.”

“Yeah, you have to wonder what he was thinking. But for now, just call it in so we can call it a day.”

The End

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