In The Meadow

I was lying in the meadow, gorgeous green all around me. I saw little pieces of clear dandelion fluff floating up, up, and away, floating along to replant itself and re-grow anew another day. The grass smelled so sweet, with hints of dew coating the blades from last night’s light shower. I sighed, and he sighed beside me. Our hands connected, and together, we watched the fluffy white clouds form shapes and roll by in the beautiful blue sky. A butterfly floated along and landed on my nose, staring down at me, curious, just as I was of it. Then, it flapped its wings and flew away, spinning around through the air. Birds chirped from their nests, as if ordering each other around like a drill sergeant and his men, and then they all took off in different directions. I closed my eyes and drew in a deep breath, my surroundings all being absorbed into my memory like the sun seeping into my skin. A trace of chocolate from the ice cream of earlier was still on my tongue, a yummy taste to go with the day. I pointed to a cloud, shaped like a dolphin jumping through a hoop, and giggled after explaining what I saw to him. He squeezed my hand and nodded, then pointed to another shape, a penguin next to an igloo. It was so beautiful. Then, suddenly, he sat up and released my hand, only to pull out a checkered blanket. He laid it out for us, and sat on it, then placed the basket next to him. I sat next to him and helped him unpack the basket, a cheese sandwich for the both of us. After lunch, we repacked what was left and folded up the blanket, and then stood up. It was time for swings, we thought, and made our way towards the set down the hill. Together, we strolled down the hill, but halfway fell over and started rolling. I was having a laughing fit, realizing that he had tripped and dragged me down with him on purpose. At the bottom, we jumped up, brushed grass off of ourselves and continued to the swings. There, he put the basket down and sat on a swing, I right next to him. Then, after a long period of swinging, he jumped off and watched me. I smiled and skidded to a stop, then, when I finally halted, he poked my shoulder.

“You’re it,” he said in that silky voice of his, a devilish grin across his perfect lips.

I laughed and chased after him, then finally catching him. This repeated for awhile, until it was his turn as “It,” and he lurched forward and grabbed me around the waist, spinning me around and then collapsing, a mouthful of grass for the both of us. The sky was slowly darkening, the time approaching 6:00. Stars began dancing across the sky, like clouds had been what seemed like moments earlier, lighting up the darkness. We held hands again as I snuggled into him, watching him point out constellations. I remember wishing that that night never had to end.

The End

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