In The Light of The Dark Moon

You awake in pain, your don't remember who you are or where are you.

I laid there motionless on the cold bathroom tile as the blood trickled down my face. I'd been awake but I'm not sure for how long.

God, my head hurts like hell!

The pain of getting myself up rivaled my throbbing head. I hunched over on one of the bathroom sinks trying to support my limp body. As I washed my face and hands I raised my head and peered into the dirty cracked mirror. As I looked into my face I felt my body sink and pull in horror. If it wasn't for that damn mirror, I don't think I would have ever of realized that I didn't know who I was.

Where am I?

Besides obviously a public bathroom, I didn't know. Nor did I care and why would I? Hell, the fact that I didn't know who I was seemed like a bigger deal to me. Just the fact that I didn't know anything made me think I must have been hit hard, real hard.

I patted down my pockets and the trench coat I had on for my wallet. If anybody had better idea of who the hell I was it would be my wallet, brilliant I know.

John Porter. Sounds made up.

I cracked a smile. If the date in my head was right then the fact that I wasn't over the hill was the best news I had all day. All tho I'll be honest, I felt like it.

I didn't have much else in my wallet with the exception of a credit card, 245 dollars in bills, and a punch card to a coffee house that I must frequent called Java the Hut.

Hello, whats this?

It must have fallen out when I opened my wallet. A glamour shot of a gorgeous woman with a gold inscription pressed into the front of the card.

Dark Moon

The other side the there was a partial number with the last two digits missing. Digit's must have smeared when it fell into the sink. Below the number it had a name on it


I put everything back into my wallet after staring at the picture for longer than I would like to admit. Searched myself for anything else that might trigger my memory. My inside pocket had a police badge. I also found a holster, but no gun.

I washed my hands and prepared to leave. When I spotted in the mirror a man slumped in a stall behind me. He was wearing a dark suit and a lot of blood. This must have been the bastard who laid me out.

That damn mirror. 




The End

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