You, a man coming to his senses, begin contemplating the risk you would be taking by entering. The government has been suspicious for some time, and if they obtain any proof of your homosexual relationship, you'll surely be sent to a Roving Chamber.

Maybe you shouldn't go in after all. What if all that's waiting for you is a first class ticket to a Roving Chamber? It wont be the first time such a sting has worked, you've seen friends dragged away for their 'crimes'.

Despite the risks though, you enter anyway. It hurts too much to just leave things as they are and for all arguments, you still love him. Summoning up the last vestiges of your Dutch Courage, you enter holding your head high so he wont think you're crawling back.

"Robert! Robert! I know you're in here! We can't just leave it like this. We need to talk." You yell, then wince as you realise your voice might have carried out onto the street. Why did you have to hide how you felt?

You get no response but as you walk further into Robert's workshop, you hear the distinct sound of Robert's sex noises emanating from the back room. The scum has already got another guy! You've half a mind to storm out, but you want to see who this other guy is. Who could win Robert's heart again so quickly?

Creeping slowly towards the back room, the noises getting louder as you approach, you peek around the doorway and are shocked by what you see. Robert, is having sex with himself. No, not in the masturbatory sense, but he really is screwing an identical copy of himself. You can't stop watching. Even though your angry, you can't help but remember your own nights with Robert. He is a handsome man and watching this bizarre scene play out is intensely erotic. So much so you let out a little gasp as the action gets particularly interesting.

Robert - both of him - turns to face you with a look of surprise. "Elliot! What the hell are you doing!" They both say in unison.

Your anger sparks up again and you take a deep breath to get all the sex-thoughts out of your head. "I might very well ask you the same question. Both of you. What the hell is this Robert? I knew you were vain, but I never thought you loved yourself this much!"

"I don't have to explain myself to you Elliot. You refused to understand me and my experiments, you knew I couldn't just  walk away from them but you tried to make me anyway and it drove us apart. It's your own fault."

You had come here to apologise, to beg for forgiveness, to ask for one more chance but seeing... this... you can't think of anything but anger right now.

"Your blaming me for this! This! Who the hell do hell do you think you are? What the hell is this, some kind of clone, a robot, some kind of look-a-like whore? I can't believe you, Robert! You disgust me. Just wait till our friends hear about this!"

The Robert on top disengaged himself and pulled one of the beds top-sheets up around him. "Look Elliot, just wait. Let me explain okay. What I've done, it's... it's amazing! I finally cracked the paradox problem!"

He rushes you back into his workshop and pulls a dust sheet off of a large cylindrical machine faced with glass. "You remember this don't you Elliot. One of my time experiments. Well, I got it working, kind of."

At this point the other Robert came out of the bedroom, similarly wrapped in a sheet. he was checking his watch. "I'll be back in 3...2...1..."

Pop! The other Robert disappeared.

"What the hell, what just happened!"

"He, or I, just stepped out of the chamber exactly 1 hour ago."

Amazed and confused, your anger retreats to the back of your brain as you try to understand what's happening.

"You see Elliot. I haven't managed to do anything like go back in time, seems it's impossible, but I've got something almost as good.  You see, the time you spend in this chamber is essentially time spent outside our own time flow. You're existing in a bubble of time which isn't tied to our own universe. What the machine does is take this bubble of time and stitch it onto the end of our own timeline after a specified delay. Well, that's a gross simplification but you get the idea. Basically, as long as you are in the machine, you are also in the future, or more accurately, a future. When the machine ejects you back in the past, which is now our present, you return back to that moment."

"What? What are you saying? So you just, you just..."

"Yes Elliot, that's right. I just screwed myself from two hours ago."

The End

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