Intrigued, the arousal of watching Robert still lingering, you suggest something obscene

The whole explanation went straight over your head, but that didn't stop you from thinking about the possibilities. You'd already seen something and maybe, just maybe you could be part of it. Maybe in this moment of revelation Robert would welcome you back.

Robert's lip curled slightly in a flicker of interest before he went straight-faced at your proposal.

"That's obscene Elliot, I didn't make this for that! Don't you realise what I've done? I've created a way to essentially travel into the future and back again and all you can think about is sex? You never did understand me Elliot and thats why we can't be together again."

You turned away, eyes stinging as the tears began to form. You knew it would end like this, but you had to try anyway, if only for one last fling if nothing else. Rejected again, it was almost too much to bear. Anger and sorrow gripping you, you lunged at the machine. In your madness, you think that perhaps smashing the machine, the one thing he seemed to really care about would free up some of his love for you, you don't know, you aren't really thinking rationally.

Running at the machine, you scream with rage only to have it turn into a scream of surprise as...

The End

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