In The Eyes of Repentance

" A poem of repentance for mistakes and sins he made in the past and took the consequences of his unbearable actions. "

Those vicious memories kept clashing in,
Inside my mind full of repentance and sin.
No matter how many times I tried to forget,
They only drown me with either pain or regret.

The little candle made a faint glow in midst of darkness,
On a cold, forsaken room of hate and resentfulness.
I just missed the warmth, I missed the bliss,
I missed the love, and warm tender kiss.

I gazed at the picture frames stacked on the wall,
Staring at an image of a little girl clutching a ball.
Another frame where a maiden stood still, 
Beside a man, together in front of a windmill.

I looked around the filthy old house with neither sound nor life,
And caught a glimpse of an evil bloodstained knife.
Then a sudden tear of guilt cascaded from my eye,
When I remembered a little girl's sharp, grievous cry.

I felt so weak, and my hands began trembling,
"What did I do?" I was questionably muttering.
With a glance of an eye, I lost them two,
Just because of violence, and a fight we've been through.

The End

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