Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. This is it...

In the End

The very End

It's going to be just me

In a one man room

Some half a dozen feet below the sea level 

Everything that ever counted

Wouldn’t count anymore

All of my worries will just fade away

Where I stand becomes a history

A place where greatness once thrived

The very few I hold to heart won't be missed

The warm heart that held them close is now cold

I wish above all things that when I shall pass

It won’t be of broken soul or shattered spirit

I just want to go to the home my soul shall surely find

Yet not to live and strife any longer

But to rest, rest and rest

Perhaps find the real meaning to word

That peace often said but rarely felt

In the End, the End that comes

It’s just going to be the beginning of an End

One that will never End

The End

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