In The Darkness

A story of your last night, before something from beyond reaches out to snatch you away. Just something I sat down and started writing. Hope you enjoy it.

                It’s dark. So dark that there is little difference if you open your eyes or keep them closed. So dark that it appears as though a great abyss is pushing its presence onto you, attempting to engulf you. Of course you feel a little shiver at the thought, but simply shudder and prepare yourself to fall back into slumber. But as you are beginning to drift into unconsciousness, you suddenly think, why did I wake up? After all, you’re alone, no other people or pets, and there are no constant noises, no fans or heaters, no computer or TV. You feel a little uncomfortable, but mentally laugh it off at an overactive imagination, and perhaps one to many horror films. Then you notice something, you notice that you haven’t yet opened your eyes, even though you woke up. Yet, you get a sinking feeling that you should keep them closed, no matter what.

                It is then that you begin to feel it. A presence, like someone or something is in the room with you. Only, it’s strange. It feels as though whatever’s there is not human or animal, but something…..else. That terrible sinking feeling that your eyes should stay shut continues, and gets stronger. It seems that a little part of your mind is telling you that not only shouldn’t you open your eyes, but also you shouldn’t move. A sense of danger began to flood your mind. For some odd reason, you got the feeling that if you give off any hint that you are awake and conscious, that something terrible will happen. Some kind of terrible premonition. So you lay there, eyes closed, unmoving, doing everything in your power to keep your breathing steady.

                That is when you start to hear it. A soft rhythmic sound, similar to breathing, yet slightly off. Almost like something was trying very hard to imitate breathing. With a sudden horror you realize that the sound began to keep pace with your own breathing. A panicked thought creeps into your head that if you change your breathing now the outcome will be the same as if you opened your eyes. That is when you realize that whatever was with you in that room was waiting, watching you, and stalking you like an experienced hunter. Whatever was there was content to wait, and once the moment was right you knew it would be the end. It was a terrible feeling, to be a prey already caught, and forced to play dead.

                Then a new noise joined the slow, soft rhythmic chorus of death. A scratching, scraping sound. It was coming from the ceiling, right above your head. You could feel the dust and paint falling softly on your face, like the dirt filling a grave. You begin to feel the horror of one being buried alive. Still, you know you cannot move, you cannot change your pace of breathing, and you definitely cannot open your eyes. You lay, luckily paralyzed from fear, as the dust and paint continue to fall. It was not long until that terrible scratching noise stopped, and the feeling of being buried alive ended, and not a moment too soon.

                You don’t know how long you stayed in the horrible situation. You don’t know at what point the noises stop, nor at what point the presence disappeared. You’re not even quite sure when you slipped into a light, uneasy slumber. At one point you awoke once again, sitting straight up, sweating profusely. You cast a terrified, hurried gaze around your room. You notice it isn’t as dark as you thought before, a soft, weak light being given off by both your digital alarm clock and your charging phone. You chuckle a little bit, mostly laughing at yourself. Surely this nights little episode earlier was nothing more than a product of your imagination, or perhaps a terrible dream. You lay back on your bed shutting your eyes and still laughing.

                When you open your eyes once again, that is when your heart falls from your chest, for above you, scratched into the ceiling are the words: “You got away tonight, but I’ll be back”. Now your heart is beating like crazy, and you are breathing quite heavily and erratically. The room appears to be getting darker and you know that whatever was hear is on its way back. You jump out of bed, rushing over to the door, nearly tripping on pitfalls and obstacles in the dark. You don’t care. You can’t let it stop you. You know that no matter what happens, you have to get out of the house. Something was coming back for you. Something knew that you were not really asleep. It won’t allow you to cheat again.

                You fling open the door just in time to see it, crouched and waiting in the hall. A terrible, unholy beast, a monster that not even the wildest imagination could give form. Something that would frighten even the beasts of H.P. Lovecraft. It was there, waiting for you, and it seemed to smile, if such a thing could smile. It reached for you with terrible claws and spines, while opening its’ fang filled mouth. Perhaps luckily, through a miracle you lose consciousness, passing out. You once again feel the abyss pressing down on you, only this time, you welcome it. You fly into it, and pass from consciousness to nothingness.

                That, of course, means that for you, this is:





The End

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