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The two men had successfully convinced the third Siren Maya to go with them, Axton claiming that both of them were terrible at talking to people and probably needed someone better with words. Maya was initially reluctant, but eventually gave in at the idea of leaving Sanctuary for once.

Lilith had been particularly strict about leaving Sanctuary, fearing that the Vault Hunters, especially the second generation ones, would go stirring up trouble for all of them. The second batch of Vault Hunters weren't as jaded as the first. Axton was a glory hog, Zer0 was fairly chaotic, Salvador loved to shoot things and Maya was always interested to test out her powers. Krieg and Gaige were also definitely not the mellow kind. It became a rare chance to leave Sanctuary, and lack of adventure led Brick, Salvador and Gaige to leave Sanctuary and settle down somewhere else. They were, of course, still in contact and alliance with the Raiders.

The three of them took the Fast-Travel out of Sanctuary and to Three Horns Divide first, sharing a Bandit Technical. Maya drove, Axton took gunner and Mordecai sat in the back with Bloodwing. They drove around the area for a bit, coming to a stop outside the small village at the dock. Mordecai raised his flare gun and fired, hopefully attracting the attention of whoever lived in the tiny houses.

A few people came out, only to hiss at the sight of Vault Hunters and disappear back into their homes once again. Several others were brave enough to approach the Technical. Maya got out, flashing a look back at the guys to warn them not to do anything stupid.

One man in particular, came up to speak with Maya. He looked like he was some authority, maybe the leader of the village. "What brings a Vault Hunter here? There is no Vault to hunt and no one to chase down," he said. He was a tanned man, just a bit taller than the Siren.

"I'm from the Crimson Raiders. We're looking for new recruits to join us. We've got food, shelter, guns, and people to train you." So much for good with words. "Any takers?"

The small crowd glanced at each other, but no one said anything. "Vault Hunter, we appreciate your offer, but we are safe here with our own resources. We-" Blood spattered onto Maya's clothes as a bullet whizzed by, just above her shoulder, and pierced through the man's skull. Horrified, she turned around to look back at the Technical, only to see Axton with a smoking pistol.

Instantly the crowd got angry and started to chase Maya, leaving her no choice but to Phaselock them together and use that chance to get away. The Siren leapt back into the vehicle and turned to drive off. Axton fired at everyone else, gunning them down quickly. "Axton!" Maya hissed, irritated that the Commando had done something that stupid. 

"What?" the man asked, "they were already saying no, so what's the point of keeping them alive?" Maya hated how he could still sound so innocent after he had gunned down several innocent people. Mordecai had chosen to stay completely silent. 


For the next few hours they had gone around Three Horns Divide, Three Horns Valley and Tundra Express, all of them granting no luck. Axton hadn't killed anyone else after the first time, but still they had gained nothing to take back. They had stopped in front of a Fast Travel station, Mordecai keying in the coordinates to the Caustic Caverns so they could go Crystallisk hunting, like he had promised. "Maybe we'll find someone there, who knows?" he said.

The Caustic Caverns was a huge place filled with acid and varkids and Crystallisks. It was an old Dahl facility that had shut down and become infested with threshers and varkids and spiderants, the acid slowly eating away at the walls of the buildings.

They wandered along for a bit, occasionally stopping to shoot at a crystallised beast that came out of the ground before them. They picked up the fallen crystals, pocketing it as they went. Things only got interesting after a rare find.

"Guys, c'mere," Maya called. She was crouched by a wall, where a few spots on the ground were illuminated with a light purple, nothing at all like Eridium. All the spots were the same size and moved like how footprints would have, but no beast on Pandora had flat, round, feet. Some of the marks were brushed over, like some thick, coarse, hair brushed over them.

"Huh," Axton hummed. None of them had seen marks like those before. "Wait," he suddenly said, getting up. He heard a faint crunch of sorts, like feet on bare ground. He slowly followed it, Maya and Mordecai following the Commando. They were slow until Axton was sure he saw whatever had left those footprints. He broke into a sprint, leaving Mordecai and Maya to catch up on their own. He faintly saw something blue and white ahead in the fog, before it disappeared, scrambling up a rocky cliff and leaving several purple spots behind on the ground at the base of the rock.

They stopped at the foot of the rocky cliff, deciding not to follow whatever they had been chasing. She watched them carefully, her ears twitching and her horn glowing very faintly in the dark as her large blue eyes tracked their movements.

The End

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