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Five years isn't a long time. But it's surely enough for Lilith, now the leader of the Crimson Raiders, to scavenge the dusty plains of Pandora for strays willing to join Sanctuary and rebuild Roland's lost empire. Four of these picked-up strays, however, have a greater interest than just protecting a city in ruins, and some other Vault Hunters see that potential in them.

Pandora wasn't a nice place. It was harsh, cruel, and a survival of the fittest. Those who didn't know how to shoot or didn't dare to shoot didn't last long. Out in the dust, it was kill or be killed. Lilith had learnt that a long time ago, before she had Handsome Jack and Hyperion hunting her down for her head. As a Siren, one of the six supernatural women harnessing great powers, she was a wanted being, a great treasure. She had learnt the rules of survival on Pandora quickly and played the game well. A little too well, maybe.

She had met weird people like Mordecai and Brick, creepy but nonetheless nice people like Dr. Zed, and great people, like Roland. Ah, Roland. It was such a shame he was no longer with them. She remembered being there, in Angel's chamber right after the younger Siren had been taken from Jack's cruel grasp. Release, she called it. It sounded better than killing since Angel had wanted it. Jack had played foul, teleported into the chamber and shot him to death. No one could save him.

Lilith wasn't quite over it yet, even after five years. It was hard to just get over the death of her ex-boyfriend and had gone into slight depression afterwards. She rarely came out of her room, hardly ate and didn't talk. She had known the others were worried about her but it was hard to care when the last of her feelings had disappeared with Roland.

Over time she got better, and five years after Roland's death, she had taken full control of her life again and became the leader of the Crimson Raiders. Sanctuary was in ruins after Jack's attacks, and she had commanded the rebuild of the city. But it wasn't enough. She knew the bandit clans would not stay silent for very much longer, and the Crimson Raiders needed new blood.

"You want to what?" Mordecai had asked, sitting back on the creaky old chair. The sniper was fairly light but the chair creaked under his weight anyway. Mordecai was a weird man. He was an alcoholic bird-living sharpshooter who knew over a hundred swears in Spanish, and by far the only man she knew who got along well with Dr. Zed. After he had returned to Sanctuary after the whole thing with the Destroyer, she recalled the only time she had seen him take off his goggles, but she never told him about it.

"You heard me," Lilith said, "I want to recruit more people into the Crimson Raiders. Sanctuary needs people to protect it. We need new blood," she said. Mordecai chuckled, reaching for his bottle of rakk ale again.

"New blood. More like new dead meat. Why don't you use Davis's men?" Lieutenant Davis was Roland's friend and stayed outside of Sanctuary with the power core that ran Sanctuary's shield. No one really knew what happened to him after Sanctuary took to the skies, but they were pretty sure he wasn't dead, or his body would have been strung up as a prize.

Lilith wasn't interested in hearing anymore of Mordecai. Grabbing his arm, she yanked him to his feet and pushed him out of the door. "Get Axton and some others and go find some people. I'm sure there's people out there more than willing to join Sanctuary. Tell them we've got safety, food and guns. Now go."

Mordecai hissed under his breath but didn't argue, for fear of what the Siren could do. He flung open the door to the room he shared with Axton. His bird, Bloodwing, watched him with her red eyes. Axton was sitting on the floor by his bed, messing with his Sabre Turret's digistruct box.

The older man nudged him with his foot. "'Ey, Lilith wants us to go out and find people to join the Raiders. Asked me to take some people with me." Axton looked up, looking disinterested at the idea.

"Mord, do I look like someone who's good at talking to people, especially random strangers? I'm better off shooting them," the Commando snorted. Mordecai clicked his tongue, summoning Bloodwing off her perch and onto his shoulder. He leaned against the doorframe. 

"We'll go skag hunting," Mordecai offered.
"Crystallisk hunting."

The End

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