Going Home

Sara climbed out of the limo Sky had insisted on sending her home in, thanking the non-responsive driver and turning around.

She froze instantaneously, in shock.

Sky's house had been huge, yes, but the mansion she was staring at was palatial.

It was a very modernly styled one, too, sleek and black with tinted windows. Almost like staring at some kind of sculpture.

She walked forwards, as if in a dream, and the doors swung open without her having to touch them. 

"Madam, can I take your coat?"

The voice belonged to who she could presume was the butler, even if he looked nothing like one. Yes, he was crisply suited and carrying a professional air about him, but he wasn't much older than she was now.

As a matter of fact, he was impressively attractive. 

"Uh...sure, sir."

He smiled a small, refined smile and, stepping behind her, took her leather jacket off so smoothly that it was hard to tell it was gone.

"Will you be eating at the estate tonight?"


"Good. I will inform the chef. Is there anything I can do for you?"

Sara shook her head, and watched him glide off, his coattails swirling in the breeze. 

Breeze? Impressive air conditioner.

She kicked off her amazingly uncomfortable shoes and started wandering down the hall.

There was a lot of exploring to do.

The End

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