Stay and hear Dalton out.

Goosebumps ran up and down Sara's arms, and it had nothing to do with her body's brutal exposure (with a little hypothermia mixed in for good measure).  It was as if her skin was creeped out by this Dalton character and had already decided to get the hell away from him as quickly as possible -- with or without her.

She wrapped her arms around herself and weighed her options.

Option one was an outstanding idea involving following the wishes of her crawling skin and getting the hell out of there.  Sounded like a winner to Sara, but her rational mind crept in and ruined that notion as it asked, Run where?  You're on a boat, dummy!  Hear him out!

Option two, while not exactly piquing her Fight or Flight response, was level-headed and responsible: Get Dalton to further explain the situation to her.  There was a very real possibility that he was off his rocker, and thoughts like that told Sara it would be wise to keep her distance, but even if Dalton was loony it would give Sara a reliable insight to the inside of his whacked-out skull.  And if he was actually telling the truth, well then...

Pshah!  That was impossible!  One does not simply travel between worlds by passing through a doorway.  That mode of travel was scientifically and physiologically impossible (outside of a C.S. Lewis book).  It was so ludicrous that Sara had half a mind to laugh aloud, but kept her pending chortle locked behind pursed lips due to her proximity to a potentially deranged man.  It might prove unwise to mock the psycho.

"Ah!  Here we go." Dalton said cheerfully and pulled out a scroll of dingy parchment.  He deftly unrolled it and pinned it to the wall above the desk.  He turned around to face her proudly and gestured to the parchment, which turned out to be a very old and detailed map of someplace Sara didn't recognize.

All right, she decided to heed her curiosity, let's take a look at what Captain Cuckoo has to say.

The End

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