Sara discovers the doorway brought her to another world

"Ms. Parks." Dalton took her precious soup away and then set it on the table. Sara was about to protest when he grabbed her hands in his own large, rough ones and looked straight into her eyes.

Oh my, Sara thought weakly. His green and blue eyes were so mesmerizing and his hands felt so good on hers. This man might be her undoing.

"Ms. Parks," He said shaking her out of her little trance. "Where exactly are you from?"

"Earth. You know, in the Milky Way? Third planet from the Sun?" For some reason Sara was using her snark as a defense for the way Dalton made her feel. "You know, where we are?"

"We're not on Earth. To be honest, I don't even know where it is, how far away it is, or if it actually even exists." Dalton shook his head and let go of her hands. "Are you sure you didn't hit your head and are maybe experiencing a break with reality?"

"No. I didn't. I know what planet I'm from." Sara's temper was starting to get the better of her. This prank or trick or whatever it was had gone far enough, she wanted to go home. Now.

"If you're completely sane, you're quite far from home. You're on the the planet Endira, sailing the Balegeir sea. We're actually several days from docking in the Kingdom of Verlore ruled by the good king, Dobrey. Do none of these names sound familiar to you?"

The color drained from Sara's face as she listened to him explain her situation. She shook her head, speechless, and just couldn't help but be amazed at her bad luck. Here she was, stuck, on an unfamiliar planet with little to no memory of where she was from. Not to mention the fact that she had no idea how she got here.

"Would you like to see a map, Ms. Parks?"

Sara nodded slowly and Dalton led her to the vanity where he sat her on a tiny stool. Sara knew she should do something but she was stunned. Could she really not be on Earth? How was that even possible?!

It isn't. Sara thought snapping to. This Dalton character was playing a terrible trick on her. Still, to name off all those names of places and people was way to creative for a normal person. Sara watched Dalton hunched over while he dug for maps in the drawers of the vanity while she decided her next move.

The End

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