20 questions with Dalton to help Sara "Process"

Dalton still had a small smile on his lips. "That's fine. I'll stay awhile longer." He produced a pencil from his pocket and scribbled on a pad of paper on the table next to her bed. He walked over to the cleaning boy, tapped him on the shoulder, and put the note in the boy's hand. "Take this to Chef." The boy nodded and quickly exited, tucking his dust rag in his pants as he went. 

Sara realized she had pretty much forgotten the boy since Dalton walked in. Dalton seemed to have a strong effect on her. She was pretty sure he was one of the most attractive males she had ever seen. With his back turned to her she could admire him a little more openly. Even under his shirt she could tell he had a strong, muscular back and wide firm shoulders. Sara was letting her eyes drop lower when he turned to face her. Sara's eyes shot up to his face and she prayed he hadn't noticed her wandering eyes.

Dalton seemed to smirk as he said "I'll step outside so you may dress in private, Ms. Parks." With that he was outside the curtain but still within ear shot. "So, Ms. Parks, do you have any questions for me?"

"So many." Sara said as she stood and stretched slowly. "What does the Dragon's Pearl do?" She held what was obviously a smaller man's garments up to her body and raised her eyebrows. At least the material seemed comfortable even if the cuts were unflattering as were the colors.

"We're pirates, Ms. Parks. Though not the ones you read and hear about. We never attack other ships unprovoked. We just hunt for treasure and rare objects."

Sara had already put the shirt on and was pulling the pants up when she asked, "What sort of objects?"

"Right now we're on the hunt for a sea human. Or a mermaid as you might call them. They're highly valued on this market. Speaking of which, you didn't happen to see any while you were stranded did you?" Dalton questioned casually "They seem to reveal themselves to stranded or alone individuals more often than any others."

Sara was fixing her hair in the vanity in the mirror when Dalton asked. Her eyes widened. What was she going to say?

The End

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