Ol' Dual Eyes gives Sara some background of the ship

Sara held the blankets to her throat with one hand and pushed her hair out of her eyes with the other. "Hello." she said timidly.

"Hello." The man with the bi-colored eyes said with a smirk. He seemed to enjoy her discomfort. Sara wasn't sure how she felt about that. He took a seat in a very worn chair next to the bed and stared at her. Sara boldly stared back. He was very good looking. He had a strong jawline that encased a masculine but soft face. A pair of soft lips parted to reveal a smile full of strong, straight teeth. Above the warming smile was an almost Roman looking nose. His hair was a blonde-brown that reminded Sara of sand. His skin tanned nicely and paired very nice with his green and blue eyes. Looking in them, Sara realized he was studying her just the same she was him. She cleared her throat.

"I'm Sara Parks." She said extending the hand that wasn't clutching the blanket for a shake. "I'm very confused. What is going on here?"

"I'm Dalton Hayes, the first mate." he took her hand and kissed it, causing a blush to rise on Sara's cheeks."You're aboard The Dragon's Pearl. You had an awful case of hypothermia from being soaked to the bone." He still had Sara's hand in his own and stroked it with his thumb."Ms. Parks, why were you on a dinghy stranded in the middle of the ocean?"

"I'm not quite sure. I hardly know who I am right now. It's all a blur." Sara said as she dropped her head. "Mr. uh, Hayes? May I ask why I'm naked?"

"Oh, I had to strip you of your clothes. they were filthy and soaked." He said matter of factly. Sara's slight pink hue turned into a raspberry red blush and she pulled her hand away from his. He frowned slightly and sat up straighter. "I had a new set of clothes brought to you. When I leave you can get dressed." He gestured to the end of the bed where several garments laid. "Would you like a tour or to get some food? You must be hungry. You haven't eaten in nearly two days."

Sara was hungry. But she was also curious about the ship and this handsome man who seemed to make it his job to be her welcoming committee.

The End

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