Harrassed By Papparazzi

Sara-no, Roxanna, stepped out of the hospital holding Sky's hand (even though she'd only technically met him that day, his presence was comforting) and was instantly hit by a crazed amount of flashing light in her eyes.

It took a few seconds for her to realize that the flashes were those of cameras, and to relax her expression of shock.

"Roxanna, is it true your miracle recovery is because of an experimental surgery?"

"Do you have anything to say to the MTV viewers at home?"

"Are you and Sky engaged?"

McGraw shielded her from the flock of crazy reporters and cleared a path for the two of them to a gorgeous sports car, letting Roxanna in before climbing into the driver's seat and flooring the pedal.

Sara subconsciously pulled her seatbelt on, getting herself a surprised look from Sky.

"That coma really changed you, huh?"

She shrugged, pointing at the speed gauge and the road.

"I'm a new woman. Now, unless you want a ticket, slow down and put your own seatbelt on too."

He complied, too shocked to argue.

"Must be some meds..." he said to himself, "The FDA really needs to step up their game..."

"So, where are we going?" Sara asked, trying to hide her excitement.

Clearly she'd chosen well. She was a rich, hot celebrity with a rich, hot celebrity boyfriend! It was all a teenager's wildest dream.

"To my villa," Sky said, as if it was obvious, "It'll take some time for you to get your place staffed again."


She had a staff?! As in maids, butlers and personal chefs? 


"I was thinking, we should throw a big party. To celebrate you being, well...alive."

"Huh?" Sara muttered, too occupied with the idea of never having to clean again to pay any attention, "Sure, whatever."

"Who should we invite? I'll amp up the security so that only a few media nuts can get in."

"Uh..." Sara had looked up only to realize just how distracting Sky's eyes were, "Um...."

Remember, she suddenly heard the angel's voice saying in her head, you have to make up for Roxanna's sins if you want to continue living her life.


"How about we have a...charity benefit instead? For people with brain injuries or something?"

Sky was speechless a second before breaking out into a smile.

"Great idea. I knew you'd never need a PR agent. It'll draw all the right kinds of attention to your comeback."

PR agent? As in public relations? 

"Yeah...that was totally what I was thinking."

The End

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